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We are the most sustainable cooking oil supplier in Australia. Our HQ is under the largest windmill in urban Melbourne and our depots run on collected rain water. We are adamant that nothing should go to waste and nothing ends up in landfill. We are committed to being the best Australian cooking oil supplier for our clients and our environment. We are one of the few Australian companies to hold the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC). 

A fresh, innovative oil solution

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We work with you to develop cooking oil delivery and pick-up schedules based on your business needs. Specialists deliver and take away your oil in keeping with the safest OH&S practices. By using Cookers as your cooking oil handling system, all of your bulk cooking oil needs are catered for. Our pick-up and delivery schedules are dependent on your needs and with no contracts, your supply can grow and change with your demand.

Sourcing fresh Australian Oil

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By consolidating your pick-up and delivery, you minimise the hassle of separate systems. As your one-stop cooking oil management system, we take care of both bulk oil delivery and used oil collection. Our specialists take care of all the heavy-lifting and our eco-friendly storage solutions mean that no tin cans or drums go into landfill.

Minimise hassle.

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Our Australian cooking oils are no more than two weeks old at the time of delivery. We use only the freshest oils from local farmers. All of our cooking oils are quality-controlled, and HACCP-accredited. Cookers products, including our canola oil, are sourced from the Australian Grain Belt, one of the most sustainable, respected and popular oil seed districts in the world.

Australian Cooking Oils.

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We also provide a used oil collection service. Our trucks take away your used oil without the need for tin cans or landfills. Your used oil is cleaned and turned into biodiesel to fuel our fleet. Otherwise, it is used as feed for stock animals.

Fresh oil delivered to you

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No lock-in contracts

We are the cooking oil supplier of choice to restaurants, cafes, hotels and businesses with all their cooking oil needs. Our oil range includes: Canola, Organic Canola, Sunflower, Organic Sunflower, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Cottonseed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and XLFry Oil. With no contracts, we can cater for your changing supply needs simply and without fuss.

No lock-in contracts

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Case Studies

Our customers speak for themselves about the convenient, quality and sustainable Cookers Bulk Oil System. See how the Cookers System is pure genius for our customers.