Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the the Cookers Oil Management System

1. Will the Cookers oil storage unit fit in my kitchen?

Our standard units are 900mm commercial bench heights and our Under bench units are 800mm. We can also configure to your kitchen.

2. How much does the Unit cost?

Our units are on free loan while you are a customer of Cookers.

3. Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts . The onus is on Cookers so you are not required to be locked in any contracts.

4. Does Cookers assist with used oil removal?

Yes Cookers provide free loan of used cooking oil storage units and a vacuum powered removal unit that is simple to use. See our videos for a demonstration.

5. How often does oil get delivered?

Our Business Development Manager will assist with setting the agreed service cycle based on your business' cooking oil needs.

6. What support or training do you provide?

Your dedicated Business Development Manager will provide an induction upon installation of your fresh cooking oil storage unit. Our website has training videos that demonstrate all our system.

7. How do I start?

Call 1300 88 22 99 for one of our Business Development Managers to visit your business.