Cottonseed Oil

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Bulk Cottonseed Oil Supplier

Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients, Cookers’ bulk cottonseed oil is a heavy- duty oil with a neutral flavour, perfect for deep-frying.

Cookers’ Bulk Cottonseed Oil

Nut- and dairy-free, cottonseed oil is a heavy-duty cooking oil suitable for most diets. Halal and Kosher-certified, cottonseed oil is a common ingredient found in vegan- and non-vegan foods, including potato chips and fries, cereals, mayonnaise, salad dressings, store-bought vegetable oils, shortening and margarine. Made from the seeds of the cotton plant, cottonseed oil is also safe on the skin, often being used in moisturisers and soaps.

Australia’s Cottonseed Oil Manufacturers

Cookers are Australia’s leading cottonseed oil manufacturers. Using local and imported ingredients, our cottonseed oils are fresh, flavour-neutral cooking oils amenable to most diets. We manufacture our cottonseed oil domestically so our clients receive only fresh, high quality cooking oil. Because we make it ourselves, our bulk cottonseed oil is no more than two weeks old at the time of delivery and lasts up to twelve months.

As we produce our own cottonseed oils, we can guarantee that Cookers’ bulk cottonseed oil is free from artificial colours and flavours, preservatives and sweeteners. For a complete analysis of our cottonseed oil, download our Cottonseed Product Specifications Sheet.

Australia’s Sustainable Cottonseed Oil Suppliers

Cookers supply cottonseed oil to businesses and kitchens Australia-wide. We are committed to providing outstanding cooking oils that are vegan, Kosher and Halal-certified produced under high level food safety systems. But not only are our bulk cooking oils, including bulk cottonseed oil, socially responsible, we make sure they have the smallest environmental impact they can as well.

To this end, we have a range of environmental measures in place. We work with cotton farmers to produce high-quality, environmentally-friendly raw ingredients, which we then process in our eco-friendly headquarters, powered by the largest urban wind turbine in Melbourne.

What Sustainable Practices Mean for Our Clients

Our focus on the environment benefits our clients too. Before oil drums and containers end up in landfill, they take up excess space in kitchens, create OH&S risks for cooks and kitchen-hands, and are expensive, inefficient means of transporting bulk cooking oils. Instead, we lease clients a reusable, metal storage unit to store your Cookers cooking oil. WIth all your oil in one transportable container, we can deliver your cooking oil with minimal intrusion to your business. Our special bulk oil container also means that you get the most out of your cooking oil supply.

No longer do kitchens have to pay for the oil they do not use, or the oil left in wasteful drums and barrels. Using hygienic and efficient hose systems, we will refill your storage unit and charge you only for the amount of oil supplied.

Cookers is certified to internationally recognised ISCC-EU standard for their program to manage environment sustainability and GHG emissions.

Complete System

Cookers is a one-stop shop for all your bulk cooking oil needs. We supply clients across the country with bulk cottonseed oil and we take away their used oil too. Our special vacuum waste unit collects every bit of used oil so nothing is left behind.

We work with clients to develop a regularly call cycle of pick-up and delivery, dependent on their schedule. Once collected, we take their used oil and recycle it as stock feed or biodiesel. Cookers offers a complete bulk cottonseed oil supply and waste pick up oil system. We work with our clients to make sure their needs are met, without sacrificing the environment or the quality of our products.

To talk to one of our staff about your bulk cottonseed oil needs, or to discuss any of our products, request a callback below.

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