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A range of high-quality oils at your service

As Australia’s leading bulk cooking oil supplier, we pride ourselves in delivering fresh, high quality oils to foodservice businesses no matter when and where you need them.

Home Oils

The world’s best oil, right from the source

Cookers oils are crafted for a superior quality, long-lasting and improved taste. Working with local processors, we ensure that our bulk cooking oils are no more than 2 weeks old at the time of delivery.

Bulk Cooking Oils

The perfect oil for all your kitchen needs

Laying the foundation for all kinds of culinary applications, cooking oil is an essential ingredient for any kitchen. Keeping in mind the varied needs of your business, Cookers offer a wide range of high quality oils to choose from. From XLFRY & ULTAFRY (our proprietary oil blends) to Canola, Olive and Sunflower Oil - our specially crafted oils have wide-ranging textures, flavours and smoke points to suit different culinary applications like deep frying, shallow frying, baking or creating dips & sauces.

Oils built for purpose

  • Oils refined and manufactured in Australia

  • Delivered fresh within 14 days of refinement

  • Consistent product supply across Australia

  • Complete batch analysis & traceability

  • SQF & HACCP Certified

Cookers oil range

Specialising in high performance bulk cooking oils & specialty oils, we have something for all your culinary needs.


A high performance, premium deep frying oil designed to last considerably longer.

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buy bulk canola oil australia
Canola Oil

100% Australian, it is the preferred choice for light to medium frying within the foodservice industry.

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An elite blend of premium, high-performance cooking oils designed to suit multiple culinary applications.

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Bulk olive oil australia
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Locally sourced and processed in SA, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed from the freshest Australian olives.

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Cottonseed Oil

Locally refined in Australia, Cookers provides Cottonseed in bulk form for industrial businesses.

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Sunflower Oil

A multi-purpose cooking oil which is relatively low in saturated fats. We offer a range of sunflower oils.

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