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Cookers is committed to eco-sustainability and improving the impact of the industry to the environment, while minimising our carbon footprint.


A smart way to sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. From our products and services, to our national operations, as a business we strive to work towards a more sustainable future. As an eco-friendly and ISSC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) Certified business dealing with refining used oil, we have strategically created incident response management plans that are actioned effectively. The NSW plan is available at the link below:

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Water Recycling

An important part of our environmental strategy is using the rainwater harvested from factory roofs at each of our depots. All our sites partake in rain water harvesting and the collected rainwater is reused for washing the Cookers trucks externally. In a conscious effort to save water, our sites reuse rainwater to the best of our abilities.

Wind Turbine

Sitting on top of a 25 metre high tower, is our Head Office depot’s 15KW wind turbine which is the largest of its type in metropolitan Melbourne. It supplies 30% of our site’s power consumption and aids towards our responsibility in reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Being a significant investment, we installed the wind turbine in August 2011 with support from the Department of Sustainability. Our goal is to potentially generate 50% of our site’s power through our wind turbine.

Oil Recycling

We ensure traceability and tracking of every single drop of oil supplied and used - ensuring that no oil gets disposed into drains, waterways and landfill. The collected oil is further recycled using dewatering, decrumbing and refining techniques - to be repurposed in other industries. Biodiesel is one of the biggest industries to reuse Cookers Used Cooking Oil to create Biofuel.

More ways to achieve our sustainability goals

  • Sign on glass technology for paperless invoices

  • Continuous fleet optimisation practices

  • LED Lighting in all factories

  • Regularly monitoring our national GHG emissions

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